Nokia Lumia 620 - Pay with your phone

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Pay with your phone
Forgot your wallet or purse at home? Not a problem – you can pay with your phone or use it as a

ticket, if supported by your network service provider.
This feature may not be available for all regions. For info on availability, contact your network service

provider. The services are tied to your SIM. You must have a service subscription with your service

provider and your service provider’s app installed in Wallet.
1. To activate the service, contact your network service provider.

2. To make a payment, tap the reader with the NFC area of your phone. Your service provider may

ask you to confirm the payment.

Note: Payment and ticketing apps and services are provided by third parties. Microsoft Mobile

does not provide any warranty or take any responsibility for any such apps or services including

support, functionality, transactions, or loss of any monetary value. You may need to reinstall

and activate the payment or ticketing app after repair of your device.

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