Nokia Lumia 620 - Manage files on your phone

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Manage files on your phone
Using your phone as removable storage? Want to organise your photos or documents? With the Files

app, you can easily check the files on your phone, organise them into folders, or delete the ones you

don’t need anymore. You can manage the files both in the phone memory and on the memory card.
You can download the free Files app from Data transmission costs may

Tap Files.
1. To navigate to a folder, tap the folder you want.

2. To search the folder you’re currently in, tap .

3. To change how the files or folders are arranged, tap .

4. To quickly jump to a previous folder, tap the folder you want on the file path at the top of the

Create a new folder

Tap , write a name, and tap .
Move or copy files to another folder

Tap and hold the file you want, and select what you want to do with it.
Folders can’t be copied or moved, but you can create a new folder to the new location, and move the

contents of the old folder there. To move or copy several files at once, tap , select the files you

want, and tap to move or to copy them.
Share files or folders

Tap , select what you want to share, tap , and select how you want to share.